Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your Immune System: How It Works

By Gabriel AdamsYou often don�t think about your Immune System, however as soonas it fails you are quick to realize how vitally important theImmune System is for your overall health. The Immune System isresponsible for preventing all bacteria, germs, viruses, andother microorganisms from entering the body and causingcomplete destruction. You may not realize it, but the Immune System works 24 hours aday, every day of your life protecting you from all sorts ofsickness, disease, and ultimately death. In fact, as soon asany living organism dies, the Immune System immediately stopsfunctioning and the organism is subject to all manner ofparasitic invasion. When you stop to think about it, it istruly amazing how the Immune System functions at not onlykeeping you alive, but also in perfect health. The Immune System consists of a number of different organs andcomponents. The main components of the Immune System are theLymph System, The Thymus, Hormones, Bone Marrow, The Spleen,Leukocytes (White Blood Cells), Antibodies, Complement,Tonsils, and Adenoids. Together these components work togetherto ensure that the Immune System is working in proper order anddefends the body against foreign invaders. In addition to these components, there is another veryimportant organ that is invaluable to ensuring that the ImmuneSystem is working and that is the Skin. Skin is often thebody�s first line of defense against foreign invaders such asgerms, viruses, and bacteria. Therefore, by keeping the skinclean, frequent hand washing, and treating cuts or wounds toprevent infection you can help the Immune System by preventingmany invaders from entering the body. It is a proven fact that stress negatively impacts the ImmuneSystem. Therefore, one of the best strategies that you canimplement to ensure that your Immune System is operating in itsbest capacity is to reduce stress. You should also ensure thatyou receive plenty of sleep every night, and take a vitamin andmineral supplement. Also, there are many herbs that helpstrengthen the Immune System, adding these to your diet canhave a powerful impact on the overall health of your ImmuneSystem.About the Author: Learn how glyconutritionals can boost immunesystem function at

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