Friday, June 22, 2007

What To Do About Ibs Bloating

There are many times in life when you might experiencebloating, but when you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) thisis something you might have to deal with on a regular basis.This bloating is not confined to just one area either. It canhappen in the bowel and in the stomach. Because these two areasare so close together, you might not be able to tell thedifference. If you understand why this happens in the firstplace, you will know what to do about IBS bloating. Excess gas is a common reason why so many with IBS suffer frombloating. This can be attributed to eating the wrong foods.These foods might be okay for anyone else, but for someone withIBS, these foods can be very troubling to the digestive system.When the body does not like a certain type of food, or if thereis an allergy involved, gas forms in the bowel. Passing gas canrelieve most of the bloating that happens, or with a medicationthat relieves painful and troubling gas problems. Most of thistype of bloating associated with IBS should go away on its ownovernight if not treated. Treating bloating for IBS can be tricky. The same foods thatmight help alleviate some of the other symptoms might actuallymake gas worse, which in turn leads to bloating. Eating foodsthat are higher in fiber is great for the bowels and might stopsome of the cramping, but these same foods can cause excess gas.You might want to eat smaller meals throughout the day, and havejust one of these fiber foods each meal. Don't try to eat abunch in once sitting, or your bloating might become out ofcontrol. There are some medications that can help with bloating, butthey aren't really going to completely get rid of the problem.Some suggest that something like Bean-o be taken before a meal.This can help the body digest the foods more efficiently andreduce the amount of gas and bloating that someone with IBS hasafter a meal. There are also some antibiotics that help somepatients with IBS because they take care of some of thebacteria that seems to be abundant in those with thiscondition. You should ask your doctor if one of these might beright for you. Perhaps the best thing to do about IBS bloating is to find themain sources of your discomfort. You should keep track of whatyou eat and how you feel after each meal. You should soonnotice a trend with some of the foods that you are eating. Takenotice of the foods that seem to be causing you the mostproblems, and see what happens when you eliminate those foodsfrom your diet. It might take a few weeks to see a hugedifference, but you can soon learn what foods to avoid keepingbloating and gas at bay.About The Author: Grab your free copy of Susan Reynolds' brandnew IBS Newsletter here is overflowing with easy to implement methods to help yourelieve and prevent IBS symptoms naturally.

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